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Types of Storage

There are different types of self storage, each presenting a different price, access-type, and level of security, amongst other things.

The storage most ideal for you will be determined by virtue of the items you wish to store. See below a flow chart to help you understand what type of storage will be best for you.

Typically, indoor storage is more secure – although, there are many container/outdoor storage sites with advanced security measures in-place such as night vision CCTV, key-card entry systems, and manned sites.

If you’re looking for a cheap indoor storage solution, and access isn’t too much of an issue, it’s almost always cheaper for storage space above the ground floor. Only choose ground floor storage if you are storing heavy/bulky items.

As far as price is concerned, a lot of storage companies offer a price-match guarantee. So if, in your search results, you find a storage price you like, but there’s a slightly more expensive storage company that’s closer to you, you could try getting in touch with that company to match the other company’s price.

Self storage prices are always quite flexible.

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